Baby pure silk bonnet

50 CHF

A must for every newborn! 100% pure silk bonnet with beautiful pattern to protect your baby’s fragile head and ears from temperature changes and noise. Classic baby gift – one of our most popular items of all times.


A must for every newborn! This wonderful baby bonnet is made of 100% pure silk to protect your baby’s head and ears. This bonnet is the perfect gift for a newborn baby. The beautiful pattern makes this cap unique. And it looks adorable.

Discover the secret of this silk hat: The silk hat protects the baby’s crown area, still not completely closed and also protects sensitive ears from surrounding noise. The hat’s delicate surface massages the baby’s head in a manner similar to the mother’s womb during pregnancy. This massage has both a stimulating and pacifying affect on the baby.

Compared to the rest of the body, the head of a baby is relatively large and the thermal loss through head is therefore significant. The baby’s head stays warm and cozy under this silk hat.

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