Pre-loved Items

Pre-loved Items

Shop and Return your pre-loved Ruskovilla favorites

Ruskovilla’s clothes in its home country Finland are often passed along as cherished treasures to the next generation or to friends. In Finland, there is also a vibrant secondhand market for used Ruskovilla clothes, particularly for babies’ and children’s products. This gave us the idea to establish something similar here in Switzerland.

By increasing the life cycle of our products, we make our products as sustainable for the environment as possible. When our products get used by several customers, less new products need to be manufactured, and we can avoid the usage of new raw materials and the emissions related to manufacturing.

Please send the products to our address, ideally in the Ruskovilla bag that comes along with each product. Many of our products can be sent by post in an envelope. Please include your contact details and email address. You can also bring them to our events or drop them off to us. We will check the item and send you a gift card if it meets the conditions.

Our address
Ruskovilla Switzerland
6330 Cham

The item needs to be clean and intact, i.e., in condition to sell onwards. We reserve the right to return the items if they are not in good condition. Please contact us by email ( in case you have any questions.