Swiss-based store

Swiss-based online shop

Ruskovilla Switzerland is proud about our presence locally in Switzerland. We are committed to our customers – we always answer customer inquiries personally and ship your orders from our warehouse in Cham.

In the increasingly globalizing world where big businesses rule, many people have started preferring to buy from small, independent shops, where they can get to know the origin of the products they buy and the story of the people behind the business.

We at Ruskovilla Switzerland are big fans of this “shop local” movement. We love to meet our customers in person as often as possible. That is also the best way for us to hear what you think about our products and how we can improve.

We also like to support other small businesses whenever we can. For example, our seasonal collection is a way for us to spotlight products from our partners that we think you’ll love. We carefully curate these products to fit Ruskovilla’s philosophy and values.

When you buy from a small entrepreneur, an actual person does a little happy dance.

Shop local and meet us at our live events!

We participate in several local Swiss events each year. Some of them are events organized by the Finnish community in Switzerland, which will offer you an interesting glimpse to our Finnish heritage – we hope you will come and get to know us better!

Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook / Instagram to hear about the next events to come. Come by and have a coffee with us – let’s catch up and make this world a better place!

And if you think of an event where you would like us to join, we would love to hear your suggestions (

Perhaps surprisingly, Finns are among the top coffee drinking nations in the world. We hope you will come and have a cup with us at one of our live events!