Responsibly sourced

Ruskovilla – pioneer in organic clothing

Ruskovilla is a pioneer of environmentally friendly and organic clothing manufacturing from Finland. The company was founded in 1981 and is today a second-generation family company.

Our clothes are made entirely in the beautiful Finnish countryside in a small town called Artjärvi. This includes all the steps from design, weaving, cutting and sewing, all the way through to the finishing touches. That’s why our products bear the Finnish key flag symbol.

Why Ruskovilla?

You and our environment are our priority. Ruskovilla’s team checks in person all our suppliers of raw materials, applying the highest standards for sustainable, clean, organic and animal-friendly production. We know our suppliers, our factories, our team and the entire production chain of our clothing.

We have always been working in a sustainable way, not just now because it is becoming a trend in the world.

All of our materials – organic merino wool, silk, silk wool and organic cotton – are natural, plastic-free fibers that have been used as a basis for clothing for thousands of years. It is the best for the environment when renewable natural materials that can return to the natural cycle are used in manufacturing.

We have aimed to make the entire production process as eco-friendly as possible. For example, we don’t throw away scraps from the cutting room; white scraps are used to fill bedclothes while colored scraps are reused in oil prevention and installation mats. Our products are not contract-manufactured, which guarantees the excellent quality our company is known for.

Clothing that supports people’s wellbeing has been the cornerstone of Ruskovilla’s operations right from the start. Our garments are meant to be worn again and again, and make the wearer feel good. The manufacturing process does not take unfair advantage of people or the environment.

It is our principle to protect the nature around us in every way we can – respecting the earth, people and animals.