Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Ruskovilla Switzerland – a place where Finnish heritage and quality meets Swiss outdoor lifestyle and values.

We are a Finnish-Swiss family with two small kids and we love hiking, biking, skiing and exploring nature. Finns and Swiss share the love for nature and diverse outdoor activities, invited by both countries’ magnificent landscapes, all year round. We love nature; swimming in the clean lakes and wandering in the forests. We value being close to nature, and share an appreciation for high quality and natural materials.

As our family grew, we were searching for functional, sustainable and natural clothes for our outdoor adventures and we discovered Ruskovilla from Finland. We fell in love with Ruskovilla’s perfectly soft and comfy clothes, made from 100% organic merino wool, silk-wool blend and pure silk. We started with organic clothes for our baby and toddler, then got addicted to the adults’ outdoor collection that offers perfect basics for hiking and skiing, or even just to wear at home or at the playground.

What convinced us was the superiority of natural fabrics that are guaranteed to keep you dry, warm and cozy. The versatile collection was even selected for multiple expeditions to both South and North Poles and thereby successfully tested under the harshest conditions. Ruskovilla products are ethically and sustainably produced without compromise to safety and quality.

As the opportunity came knocking, we decided to take the plunge and follow our passion to build our own business. We are very happy and proud to make the beautiful Ruskovilla collection exclusively available to the Swiss market.

Join us on our adventure, and get closer to nature with high quality and comfortable collections for the whole family

As a Finn living in Switzerland, a common stereotype you often hear is “You cannot be feeling cold, you are from Finland!” To which my standard answer is: “We Finns do not have any supernatural abilities against cold: BUT we know how to dress up warmly in any weather!