Safe for you and the environment

Internationally certified organic products

The inspiration for Ruskovilla products arose from people’s need to dress in breathable and chemically untreated undergarments, providing comfort and warmth throughout the different seasons

Our materials are certified organic, and they also have the Finnish certification of origin, the Finnish key flag. We are proud to be able to say our materials are amongst the cleanest, most ecological ones on the market! We truly care about you and our environment and do not want our employees to have to work around harmful chemicals either.

The organic certification of our wool begins with the pasture on which the sheep graze, continues on to the wellbeing of the sheep and then moves on to the processing, washing, spinning, dyeing and knitting, etc., of the wool. We check every step on the way!


Inspired by the best that nature has to offer

Ruskovilla started out with merino wool clothing for babies, but after we realized what an amazing material it was, the range started slowly growing and we expanded to using other natural fibers as well. Our clothes are made of the softest organic merino wool, luxurious pure organic silk, and soft, comfortable blend of 30% silk and 70% wool.

Our baby collection is uncolored and unbleached and none of our garments contain non-felting treatments (super wash treatment) or moth repellents. All of the materials are soft, comfortable, breathable and warm and suitable for sensitive and allergic skin.

Join us in making a difference to help protect our planet and the amazing nature it has. We want to ensure that the future generations will also be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors like we have.

Nothing beats wool when it comes to comfort, warmth, elasticity or versatility. And when you buy organic wool clothes from Ruskovilla, you can be sure they are the best in the world.