Millet husk pillow for adults, kids and babies

36 CHF82 CHF

This 100% organic pillow is filled with millet husks. It forms the most suitable shape to support the sleeper. Small bowl-shaped husk filling is fluffy and cool. Air circulates inside it and keeps the pillow comfortable all night.


This 100% organic pillow is made of the non edible shells of millet husks. The small bowl shaped millet husks make a fluffy and lightweight stuffing for the pillows.

The pillow supports your head in just the right places. The 100% organic cotton cover is breathable and the millet husks inside the pillow move and support the head where it is needed. You can add or take away husks to make the pillow more flat or thick. Use the small one for travelling or for infants.

This pillow is easy to care for and is long lasting and very ecological. The cover is machine washable and the husks are changed every 5 years. You can throw away the old millet husks away with biodegradable waste. You can order new millet husks from us.

Approximate quantity of millet husks per pillow:
– Baby: 300g
– Kids: 800g
– Adults: 1500g