Ladies merino wool leggings

95 CHF

100% organic merino wool long leggings for ladies. The perfect material to keep you warm even in the coldest weather. Not itchy.

“Canoeing, motorbiking, diving, on the slopes and this summer also hiking. Whenever I have to stay warm, I wear my Ruskovilla merino wool pants. And even if I pack them with me “just in case”, I put them on when I go to sleep.”

-Outi, Finland

“I borrowed my mom’s long underpants under my jeans in the winter. All I can say is WOW! They kept me wonderfully warm and to my surprise they didn’t feel itchy at all which is a big plus!”

-Jannica, Finland


Our warmest underpants for women.

100% organic merino wool long leggings for ladies. Perfect as a base layer or mid layer depending of the temperature and activity. The long merino wool underpants have an adjustable rubber waistband. The thick wool covers well.

Made out of 100% certified and breathable organic merino wool. Pure wool keeps you warm even when damp, neutralizes odors and doesn’t require frequent washing. Wool with no synthetics mixed in is also a fire-resistant material that returns to nature at the end of its life cycle.

Note: This product is ordered from Finland and takes up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Hand-made in Artjärvi Finland. No washing required before use.

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