Baby body silk wool – short sleeves

48 CHF

This soft, warm and thin silk wool body is perfect for all seasons. Its natural materials breathe and keep your baby dry and comfy.


This beautiful natural baby body made from a blend of organic merino wool and pure silk is perfect for all seasons. It is wonderful underneath normal everyday clothing of your choice to keep your child warm indoors and outdoors. The organic and natural materials are made to breathe and keep your baby dry, comfy and feeling fresh. An overlapping V neck and buttons at the bottom make dressing up easier.

Certified organic silk wool includes 30% silk and 70% wool and combines the best of both materials: silk’s smoothness and wool’s warmth. The thin material is breathable and elastic and offers additional warmth when worn under or over other clothes. The undyed and unprocessed wool and silk are also safe for babies.

Babies' size 50cm 60cm 70cm 80cm
Approx. age 0-2 months 2-4 months 6-8 months 12 months
Neck - wrist 24cm 27cm 31cm 35cm
Chest circumference 45cm 47cm 49cm 51cm
Inside leg 15cm 20cm 25cm 30cm

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